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A brief history

Department of General Surgery-Semiology No. 3 has been operating since 1945, when Chisinau State Institute of Medicine was founded. Between 1945 -1947, the Department was headed by professor Savely Rubashov. Born in 1883 in Saint Petersburg , he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Kharkiv University, later being appointed head of surgery departments in Minsk, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Kislovodsk.

Afterwards the Department of General Surgery was successively fronted by professors Alexei Livov (1947-1950), Piotr Khokhlov (1950-1952), Leontii Shuljak (1952-1954), Martiros Arutiunyan (1954-1957) and Nicolai Gladyrevsky (1957- 1962). Professor Gladyrevsky was appointed vice-rector responsible for scientific activity and subsequently founded the Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery.

In the years 1962-1979, the leadership of the Department was taken over by Professor Constantin Tsybyrne. During this period, the spectrum of scientific activity at the Department has been essentially broadened. Thoracic and abdominal surgery matters such as echinococcosis, suppurative diseases of the lungs, ulcerative disease, portal hypertension were studied in detail.

During the tenure of professor Gheorghe Ghidirim (1979-1991), the scientific-pedagogical and clinical activity registered remarkable success. The scientific work resulted in the defense of several theses dedicated to complications of acute pancreatitis, ulcerative diseases and septic diseases; a series of monographs have been published; and an authentic school of surgery was set up. In 1993, professor Ghidirim became an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. For several years, he was President of N. Anestiadi Association of Surgeons and of the College of Physicians of Moldova. Between 1990-1994, Gheorghe Ghidirim served as Minister of Health. He was decorated with many government orders and medals.

In the following years, the department was headed by Nicolae Curlat (1991-1994), professors Silviu Sofronie (1994-1995) and Evstafie Chicala (1995-2003). Professor Chicala carried out a prodigious scientific activity, in particular by approaching the issue of bleeding peptic ulcer, which was tackled in his Doctor Habilitated dissertation (defended in 1992) as well. The scientist’s research is concerned with vascular surgical pathology and reconstructive surgery of the digestive tract, a series of monographs and textbooks being published in this area.

Between 2003-2005, the General Surgery Department was fronted by Associate Professor Ion Parush. Since 2005 it has been led by professor Eugen Gutsu.