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Historical reexamination

17.06.2020 15:00 -

24.06.2020 15:00 -

Questions for exam.

Questions for practical exam.


Video lessons

History of surgery

Antisepsis: definition, history, and classification.

Asepsis. Prevention of airborne, contact, and implantation infection.

Bleeding: classification, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis.

Blood coagulation and hemostasis.

Blood transfusion: indications and contraindications, methods and kinds.

Complications of blood transfusion.

Surgical intervention: definition, classification. Preoperative period and postoperative management.

Surgical instruments. Sutures, knots and basic surgical skills.

Desmurgy: concept, types of bandages. General rules of dressing technique and bandaging.

Semiology of nutritional disturbances. Parenteral and enteral nutrition.


Catheters and tubes insertion. Minor invasive surgical manipulations (part I)

Catheters and tubes insertion. Minor invasive surgical manipulations (part II)

Surgical infection.

Semiology of purulent processes of the finger and hand.

Semiology of inflammatory diseases and traumatic injuries of the bones and joints.

Surgical sepsis.

Surgical semiology. Diagnostic process. History of disease. Semiology of surgical diseases of the head and neck. Semiology of the thorax and spine deformities.Semiology of breast diseases.

Semiology of acute abdomen.

Trauma. General conception about the traumatic injuries of head, chest and abdomen

Semiology of peripheral arterial diseases. Semiology of peripheral venous diseases. Necrosis, gangrene, and trophy ulcers.

Surgical aspects of diabetic foot.

Basics of transplantology.