Semiotics of general surgery nr. 3


A brief history

The Department of General Surgery and Semiology has existed since 1945 along with the creation of the Medical Institute in Kishnev. During the years 1945-1947 the Department was headed by Professor Savely Rubashov. Prof. Rubashov was born in 1883 in St.Petersburg. He graduated the Medical Faculty of the Kharkov University, working ultimately as the Head of the surgical Departments in Minsk, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, and Kislovodsk.

Later, the General Surgery Department was headed successively by Professor Alexei Lvov (1947-1950), Petr Khokhlov (1950-1952), Leontii Shuljak (1952-1954), Martiros Arutiunyan (1954-1957), Nicholai Gladyrevsky (1957-1962). Professor Gladyrevsky was also the vice-rector for scientific activity, and later founded the Department of traumatology, orthopedics and military surgery.

In 1962 the Head of the Department became Prof. Constantin Tsybyrne who held his position until 1979. During this period of time the spectrum of researches carried out at the Department was significantly expanded. There are studied in detail the problems of the thoracic and abdominal surgery: the echinococcosis, suppurative diseases of lungs, peptic ulcer disease, portal hypertension.

The period of the Department management by Professor Gheorghe Ghidirim (1979-1991) becomes the most successful in scientific and pedagogical activity, as well as in clinical work. Intensive scientific studies find their logical completion in numerous dissertations, addressed to complications of acute pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease and septic surgery; a number of surgical textbooks are published, and an authentic surgical school is created. In 1993 Professor Ghidirim was elected an academician of the ASM. During several years he was a chairman of the Association of Surgeons „N.Anestiadi”, president of the College of Physicians. In the period 1990-1994 he was the Minister of Health, has been awarded with a numerous high decorations.

In the following years the Department was led by Associate Professor Nicolae Curlat (1991-1994), Professors Silviu Sofronie (1994-1995) and Evstafie Chicala (1995-2003). The scientific activity of Professor Chicala was very extensive, but the greatest recognition received his works in the surgical treatment of peptic ulcer bleeding. During his tenure at the Department actively developed vascular surgery, and reconstructive surgery of gastrointestinal tract, was published a number of manuals and textbooks.

In 2003-2005 the Department of General Surgery is headed by Associate Professor Ion Parush, and since 2005 the post of head of the Department is taken by Professor Eugen Gutsu.